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Losing 28lbs - Week Two

Jan 03, 2012 12:00 am

I am through Week Two, and very relieved to tell you that I lost 2.4lbs! That makes the total of 8.1 lbs for the past two weeks!!! I can't believe it, but I'm not going to argue with the scale.


 My biggest challenge in changing my eating habits is remembering to drink water. I didn't do nearly as well with getting 64 ozs a day during week two. And I really felt the difference on the days where I only managed around half the required amount - I was thinking more about food, and just not as satisfied. So, the goal for week three is to drink 64oz of water every day. I'm going to change my approach, and see if that helps. During the first two weeks, I used a pretty Mexican water glass, which was great for the first few days, but I was always leaving it behind when moving around the house from room to room, and with an 18 month old toddler, I was ALWAYS moving around from room to room!  In week 3, I'm going to try using a sports water bottle. The one I already own is called FreshSip, and holds 24 oz. I bought it at Walgreens for around $6.99. I'm hoping that it makes a difference, but I can't help but wish I could staple it to my arm so it's always with me! I'm lusting over the Dopper water bottle pictured above. I'm a sucker for modern design, and love how it converts into a cup and/or a weide mouth bottle. The Dopper is produced in the Netherlands with a zero carbon footprint, is free of BPA and supports drinking water projects in Asia and Africa. The only downside? It doesn't seem to be available in the States, but you can order straight from their website. It's around $13, plus shipping. I'm thinking I might just have to buy one.   



Another thing I learned in week two is that at the end of a long, stressful day, I habitually want to order in. (usually Chinese food). Then, what typically happens is that I eat way too much, and feel sick and bloated afterwards. The urge to order in happened on day three of week 2 (Tuesday). But instead I made Beef with Broccoli (pictured above) from a recipe on the  Sandy's Kitchen blog, and it was great! See that rice in the left picture? That's actually cauliflower! Just grate cauliflower, and microwave in a covered container for 5 minutes. Sure, it doesn't taste like rice, but visually it tricks your brain into thinking that's what you are eating. After dinner, I was still exhausted, but not feeling guilty about what I ate. What a nice change.




Two more great Lean & Green Recipe from Sandy's blog are Hamburger and Cabbage Stir Fry, and Meat Lasagna. The stir fry is super quick and simple to make - it's ground beef, green peppers, mushrooms, cabbage, soy sauce, some spices, and a half packet of Splenda for sweetness. The lasagna was a little more time consuming, but sooooo good. I felt like I was cheating on the plan. The secret is it doesn't have any noodles, just ground beef, ricotta, diced tomatoes, mozarella and parmesan cheese, and herbs.  I made it in an 8" baking pan, which is 4 servings. My husband and son both loved it as well.

Not all of week two went so well....Thursday (Day 5/Week 2) was the day I forgot to eat. The day started strangely, with our son sleeping late, so we didn't wake up until 7:30am (usually 6am!). That threw off the day's schedule completely, and meant I had breakfast at 8:10am, which is just over an hour after the time I had become used to. Next, I had run out of daily tracker sheets to record my times and food on, so used a scrap piece of paper (bad idea), and then got the time wrong. I wrote down 11:40am as the latest time for the 2nd meal instead of 11:10am. And THEN, I got caught up in working, and the time completely passed me by. I suddenly realized at 12:20pm, an hour and 40 minutes late, that I hadn't eaten, so quickly got a bar. I kept a close eye on the time for the rest of the day, and managed to get back on track, except for drinking water ( a measly 24 oz that day). I was convinced that I would get to weigh in day, and the scale wouldn't have moved.

I've realized it's really important to write down your eating times. Remember how I created a daily success tracker journal, and ordered it through Staples? It arrived on Thursday afternoon just in time!), and it has been really helpful. I think Medifast should produce one to sell. In my hurry to create mine, I didn't notice that I used an older design of the daily tracker. It is missing the daily condiments and healthy fat check boxes (newer version pictured above). But it is still a very handy thing to have. I am experimenting with a few of my own designs to make the ultimate daily tracker, but haven't perfected any yet. I'll let you know when it's done, and am happy to email it to anyone who would like a copy.


I love this blender bottle.  Mine was a bonus gift with my order, and is branded Medifast, but they are also available on Amazon. The first couple of times I made the capucinno, I just stirred it up in a cup, and it came out a lumpy mess. Then I tried in the blender bottle, and what a difference! Yes, there is a fair bit of foam, but that is mainly due to me being a bit too eager, and it also calms down a little after it's been warmed up in the microwave. (These photos are while it is still cold.) The mix alone is a bit too sweet for me, but Oonagh, my health coach, told me to add in a bit of black decaf coffee, to counterbalance the sweetness. Brilliant!

So, Week Two in my quest to lose 28 lbs went pretty well. I am still excited about the weight I'm losing, and still surprised at how easy it seems. Come back soon to see how Week Three turns out, and of course, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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